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Credia G1 – Dental Units

Dental Units for Treatments and Surgery
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The Credia G1 dental unit allows every doctor, from the youngest to the oldest to purchase the high quality Belmont equipment with the best service and support in the lowest price you can get.

Like the other Belmont dental units this one is also equipped with large delivery table which allows easy and clean work above the patient.


The colors come in four themes: warm, cool, earth and vitamin. Any choices from these leather colors should match the interior appointments of your clinic. The upholstery can be chosen from seamless, seam and luxury type.

Control the chair from a leg stick
Articulating headrest
Removable porcelain cuspidor bowl
Rod Type

5 LED Dental Light

– The Belmont LED light is engineered to minimize eye fatigue. Its crisp, clear edges prevent illumination from bothering the patient’s eyes.
– The 85 mm X 155 mm rectangular light pattern directs the brightest light into the oral cavity, with light gradually becoming less bright across the patient’s cheek area.

– Each operatory has different ambient light conditions.
– With this in mind, Belmont LED lights include a stepless intensity control to adjust brightness to suit the actual operatory light conditions. Light output can be adjusted between 3,100 lux and 28,000 lux, while maintaining the 5,000 K color temperature that is ideal for shade matching.

– The three-axis light head can be rotated smoothly and positioned effortlessly with one hand.
– Thanks to this flexibility, the user can easily direct illumination to the area it is needed.

Operator's table

– Keep Everything within Arm’s Reach with The large and spacious tray section has a curved shape that allows you to reach everything with minimal effort.

– The instrument holders are designed to stably hold different sizes of instruments.

Instrument Holders of Universal Size for Easy Handling

– The rods that hold the handpiece tubing maintain optimal tension to support the tubing during dental procedures. Little effort is required to put the instruments back in the tray. The rods have a smooth surface that is easy to clean.

Various Treatment Positions

– With a wide range of movement, this chair supports a practical working environment that meets all the operator’s requirements.

– This model features a twin-axis headrest with an elongated post to accommodate taller patients. The flexibility of this dual-articulating system means that the chair can be set up to provide a comfortable seating position for a wide range of patients. It can even be set up backwards for patients in wheelchairs.

Smooth Motion and Heavy Lifting Capability

– The chair’s high-quality electro-hydraulic system provides smooth motion while handling patients weighing up to 200 kg.

– The j.box can be located up to 800 mm in front of the chair.

Hands-Free Operation

– Hands-free manual chair movement is made possible by a fast-responding foot switch located at the base of the machine. This design eliminates the need for wired foot switches, thereby reducing clutter at the operator’s feet and making it easier to clean around the machine.

– The ergonomic reclining backrest supports the patient in comfort and accommodates natural body movements.