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Our Products

Belmont dental units are byproducts of over 100 years of experience of manufacturing chairs and dental units which design and manufactured to answer all your needs.

Belmont  dental X-Ray is the best dental X-Ray in the market! With a brand new touch screen which allows the staff to use it easily and get much more information on the process.

Fussen Phosphor plate scanners are high resolution, fast scanning, easy software and the best money to quality ratio.

We offer a variety of turbines

Our variety of Low speed products allows each dentists to find the best one for himself.

We will fit the perfect compressor for each clinic to answer all its needs and to allow you to have constant, comfortable and quit work.

Our variety of vacuum systems will fit perfectly for you.

Wether you are a dental clinic or laboratory you will find whatever furniture you are looking for. Made of metal and Corian and with Italian design.

Our stools are designed and manufactured by Belmont and made perfectly for your needs.

Light-cure, Autoclave, Pro-tip and more…

Clinic Designs

Decades of experience in planning and designing dental clinics and the recognition of the dental equipment makes the Haifa Medical team experts in the field.