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Dental Clinic Design

Dental Clinic Design by Haifa Medical

The most important factor in a dental clinic is the human one. Ergonomics is a science that emphasizes the most efficient way to operate things while maintaining the convenience of operator and increasing the output from the system it operates. In this way, the doctor’s ease of work and easy access to the patient are the two most important things underlying any planning and clinic design.

Planning a dental clinic is not trivial. In addition to ergonomics there are pre-determined rules and measurements that must be observed, and therefore not everyone can and is authorized to plan a dental clinic.

Decades of experience in planning and designing dental clinics and the recognition of the dental equipment makes the Haifa Medical team experts in the field.


Planning and design of a dental clinic is done at Haifa Medical in one of three ways:

  1. The doctor provides Haifa Medical with an architectural sketch of the space and our professional team plans the clinic on the basis of the sketch.
  2. The architect that was chosen by the Doctor to work with is assisted by our professional team in consulting and planning the clinic.
  3. A doctor who wants to open a clinic turns to us and we are assigned a professional architect who specializes in planning clinics.

On the technical level, proper clinic planning takes into account not only the workstation and x-ray purchased for the clinic, but also future expansion and upgrade options.

Since all the equipment is modular, and as the technology progresses, work stations grow and include more and more options, It is not enough to plan the plumbing, drainage and electricity as in the past, but one must take into account fixed communication points, wireless communication, varying electrical loads and sizes, place for additions and more.

A dental clinic is often seen as a threatening and unpleasant place by patients. This perception can be changed many times already from the initial impression that the patient receives when entering the clinic and the atmosphere that prevails in it.

In recognition of the patients’ anxiety, we decided at Haifa Medical to provide not only the dental equipment required for the clinic, but also special iron furniture for the clinics in spectacular and colorful designs, and various special and amusing decorations.

The planning of dental clinics in Haifa Medical takes into account all the above and is assisted by the best and most advanced equipment we import and market.

The clinic is designed by the professional staff of Haifa Medical and includes complete equipment from the main equipment (unit and x-ray) through accompanying equipment (hand tools, vacuum motors, compressors) to unique furniture and decorations.

Interior Design & Planning

Proper clinic planning takes into account not only the workstation and x-ray purchased for the clinic, but also future expansion and upgrade options.