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Dental Units by Belmont Japan

Our new Eurus S6 treatment centre offers total accessibility for both patient and operator alike, allowing effortless working positions alongside discreet clean and preparation zones.

Named after the East Wind, which brought blessed rain to grain fields in ancient mythology, Eurus embodies our belief of bringing highly reliable Japan-quality products to dentists in the world.

The successor of the good old Clesta unit. With its special-perfect agronomic design, custom made for being the most efficient for the Doctor. The hydro-electric combined with the pneumatic system insure maximum comfort and stability.

The next generation of design and reliability, including a 3-unit Holder in the assistant side and a 5-unit Holder at the Doctor side , a large easy-to-use Over-Patient delivery system, a healing chair with adjustable articular headrests for ideal fit for the patient and a 5 LED dental lamp.
Comes with a compatible doctor chair.

The Clesta successor, with a perfect ergonomic design for the doctor and the patient, with an electro – hydraulic and pneumatic combined system that guarantees comfort and stability.

The Belmont’s solution for work on both sides of the patient. The Unit system is based on the Clesta II model so that you are assured of easy and pleasant work with the most reliable unit in the market.

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