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Additional Equipment

Additional Equipment

Light cure-i LED

The advanced Lightworker of the WOODPECKER company with a light intensity of between 1000-2500mw / cm2.


Light cure mini

Wireless Light Care of the WOODPECKER Company.

Disposable Pro-Tip to a 3 actions Syringe

A one-time use, a quality tip from ASTEK – UK, which eliminates the need for sterilization.
* The relevant adapter for your syringe is needed.

DCI Quick-Clean Syringes


  • Smooth contours for quick, thorough cleaning and a sleek, contemporary look
  • Quick-Change tip disconnect
  • spray
  • Uses standard autoclavable tips or disposable tips
  • Asepsis tubing standard


Ultrasonic cleaning bath

Electro-digital operation.


Build-in LED scaler

The most common scaler in the Israeli dental market, powerful and reliable of the WOODPECKER Company. including B.I installation within the unit

Woodpecker Dental Ultrasonic Scaler Tips Torque Wrench Key


Scaler gold tips fit’s EMS

Tuttnauer mechanical and electronic autoclaves

model           size

1730MK         7.5L     

2340MK         19L     

2540MK         23L 

Tuttnauer Fast drying class S autoclave

With extra fast and efficient drying cycles, the 2540EKA autoclave significantly increases your productivity. This model has the added benefit of a high efficiency air pump which allows closed door active drying. The 2540 EKA is built for perfect sterilization with improved drying of packs and pouches.

APOZA AD7 Mini Autoclave

AD7 Mini provides the unchanged reliability for surgical instruments and handpiece sterilization in about 15 minutes quickest. It helps you eliminate instruments and handpiece bottlenecks by high-efficiency sterilization performance. Easy to operate with one click to enable 4 pre-programmed sterilization cycles.

17inch HD display monitor with intra oral camera

1.Screen Size: 17 inch
2. 5 mega-pixel camera
3.Screen Resolution: 1280*1024
4.Image Sensor: CMOS1/4
5.Operating system: Embedded Operating System
6.Picture Display: 1 Picture/4 Pictures
7.System Operation: Remote control/Key Control
8.Port Type: VGA
9.Storage Type: 8G SD Card Storage
10.Other Function: HD Video and Photography Function
11.Menu Operation: ODS Key

Techsurg - Tissue Box Holder

A device to neatly and hygienically attach tissues to the Techsurg Universal Strap or Wall Mounts.

  • Load tissues through the top of the Tissue Box Holder and remove using the ejection port underneath
  • Smooth casing with an antibacterial surface
  • The sleek white gloss design blends into medical settings
  • Eliminates the need for a nurse/assistant to pass tissues
  • Removes tissues from the aerosol zone
  • Available in 2 sizes: Small and Large.

Techsurg - Universal Strap Mount

A flexible strap which holds any product from the Techsurg range and can be attached to upright or horizontal structures.

  • Retrofit to any diameter between 40-70mm
  • The bayonette fitting allows any product from the Techsurg range to be easily attached and removed
  • Innovative fins within the strap provide a non-marking, secure fit to safely attach your Tablet or Tissue Box Holder
  • The strap can be decontaminated in a washer disinfector.

Compatible Dental Equipment