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About Belmont

Belmont has been manufacturing dental equipment and selling it worldwide since the 1960s. From the very beginning, they have built a solid reputation for outstanding reliability.

The dental units incorporate a pneumatic system which is simple, durable, and very easy to service. Japanese manufacturing expertise ensures that the valves and fittings work accurately and require very little servicing.

Belmont dental chairs use an electro-hydraulic system that they have been continuously improving since the launch of our first hydraulic chair in 1936.

Belmont’s chairs have been embraced in many parts of the world thanks to their accurate and smooth operation, their high load capacity, and—above all—their durability. Ergonomically designed, Belmont’s chairs are built to ensure the comfort of the patient and dentist alike.

Belmont maintains strict quality control of products and parts, both within the company and in dealings with vendors. The company adopted an established quality management system based on international standards, and this has been transplanted to all of our manufacturing bases around the world.

Haifa Medical became the official and exclusive dealer in Israel, Gaza, and the West Bank in 2000, but our tech team is familiar with the equipment since the late ’80s. Since then each year we continue to grow and increase the number of Belmont units we sell.

In 2010 Haifa medical got the exclusivity to sell Belmont products in Moldova.
We are proud to say that by the selling numbers of units we are one of the best Belmont’s products dealers in the world!