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Implant Surgical Engine


ELEC | Implant Surgical Engine is compact, stylish, and equipped with powerful optic motor. Real time speed and torque performance exhibit on LCD.


Real-time torque and RPM display

The compact control unit shows real time rpm and torque through digital panel.

It helps users to perform a surgery more precisely.


Program modes

Program button enables users to select 6 modes in turns _

Drilling,Tapping, Remove Tap, Implant, Remove, Lock Screw.

Users can select them for each purpose.


Memory function

Users can save 9 personal settings using memory button, which makes it possible

to load the different settings immediately in terms of program mode, rpm, torque,

coolant, speed, gear ratio, turn direction.


Auto calibration function

Calibration function operates by simultaneously pressing +/- button for 2~3 seconds.

Perform the Calibration function when the motor is initially used and operate this.

function under no load status.

Max 70N.cm

( 20:1 gear handpiece )


Torque limit function

The beep sounds when load torque above torque value set by a user operates

longer than 3 seconds and the operation stops to ensure patient’s safety.


Powerful optic motor

It shows LED functioning within motor during the motor operation.


Compatible Dental Equipment