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BELMONT N-5 Series DA-391 - טורבינות


  • סוג ראש: ראש סטנדרטי
  • פייבר-אופטיק: מוט זכוכית
  • הספק: 20W
  • מהירות סיבוב: 360,000 – 430,000 בדקה
  • סוג ספריי מים: קוואטרו
  • גודל ראש: 12.1X13.3 מ"מ

BELMONT N-5 Series / DA-312 טורבינות


  • Head Type: Standard Head
  • RodPower: 20W
  • Rotation Speed: 360,000 – 430,000 min -1
  • Water Spray Type: QuatroHead Size:φ12.1 x H 13.3mm

Non LED Coupling



Gear Ratio: 1:1 Direct Drive

Water Spray Type: External Spray

Max. Rotation Speed: 40,000 rpm

Bur Type: ISO 1797-1 (EN ISO 1797-1) Type1

φ2.35 mm CA Bur


TOPMED DENTAL, Experts in Manufacturing of Dental Hand-pieces, Ultrasonic Scaler and more Products…

MK-DENT - Prime line 9000L


Head Type: Torque Head

Optic: Fiber optic

Rod Power: 25-45N

Rotation Speed: ≥360.000 rpm

Water Spray Type: 4 water spray

Size: φ12.4*h13.6mm

Contra/strait angle: Contra angle

More power, better sound, spectacular control. Built for the pro user who demands best-in-class.

Prime Line Turbines express the essence of sophisticated dentistry. Designed and engineered to help you create preparations like never before. Pushing the limits of aerodynamics even further, we mastered the airflow over the Prime Line's AeroAcoustic blade.

Achieving the right balance between strength and durability is the engineer‘s dream. The pressure regulation can adjust to virtually any situation. It has been carefully sculpted to regulate the airflow and ensure a constant level of pressure. This enhances gradually the lifetime of the cartridge and bearings.

MK-dent introduces its outstanding premium cartridge. The AeroAcoustic Prime Blade, honed to create 25 W (at 350k rpm) of steady power. Thanks to proprietary laser balancing technology, the Prime Line Turbines run smoothly and vibration-free at max. 55 dB (A).

Pressed with 12 tons of pressure and heated to 1,500 °C, carbide is so hard, industrial diamond — the world’s hardest material — is used to grind it. Perfect concentricity and unrivaled 40 N of retention force improve long-term precision during operations.



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