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NOVO תוספות לריהוט LORAN

NOVO תוספות לריהוט LORAN

NOVO הוא דיספנסר הקיר הקומפקטי.

מאופיינת בעיצוב איטלקי מודרני, ומיועד לרופא שמעוניין לרכז את הציוד המתכלה בנקודה אחת קטנה ולא בולטת על הקיר.
NOVO מאפשר אחסון של 8 פריטים שונים כגון: כפפות, מסכות, כוסות חד פעמיות, סבון, נייר, סינרים ועוד.

בדומה לכל הריהוט של LORAN גם NOVO מיוצרת מברזל עמיד.


NOVO | Everything in the right place!

Combines together the perfect shape of the ring with the purity of Corian®.
A design piece of furniture. The led lighting system all around its shape creates a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere.
A hygiene unit extremely functional and compact: all your tools at your fingertips.



Loran is a reference point for the dental industry since 1988.

The daily collaboration with professionals from the dental industry allows us to develop a constant research aimed at achieving the best projects in response to each request. The use of highly resistant materials and of increasingly innovative and qualified manufacturing techniques guarantee top quality equipment and furniture.

We have adopted the photovoltaic system to produce electrical power, and now we are completely self-sufficient in terms of electrical power. Doing so we contribute to reduce CO² emissions into the environment for the benefit of all.

Daily collaboration with professionals from the dental sector means the development of ongoing reasearch to find the best designs for each single request.

Loran furniture is designed to be functional and to establish a new relationship between man and work environments. Loran uses designers able to create solutions that meet all the needs of the dental studio, from the ever recognizable and original trait like Vela, Look, Pura and Maestro.

VELA is the Loran brand icon. The first piece designed specifically for the world of dental surgery furnishing. An intuition by designer Gianpaolo Pradal, which broke with the tradition of modular structures to give a linear, minimal look. LOOK catches and sums up the essence. Then came the turn of ALA and LUNA to redesign the idea of aesthetics combined with functionality. MAESTRO displays what a dental laboratory should look like. Lastly, PURA, the sterilisation protocol in the shape of a piece of furniture: the linchpin of the entire dental surgery.